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Check out the selection. So you charge the battery, mount it correctly, press that silver button on top then press the big red button at the base of the twist throttle near the right grip. The operator mast han-dles located on each side of the mast are used to help control the truck. The key switch will require contin-ued pressure, as it is spring loaded to its “OFF” position. Pedego accessories make riding even more fun! The battery must be locked when riding or it may fall out. An operating device for the manual actuation of hoisting equipment, with at least one spring-loaded switch element (2) for each direction of movement of the lifting device arranged in a switch housing (1), wherein each switch element (2) includes a pressure activation mechanism (5), a first electrical micro-key button (4), and at least one additional control or switch element, especially.

When opening the curtain, open key lock or slide lock. Also for: Rf125 r, Rf125-oc14. Check that the Preheat indicator lights for ten seconds. You can read your Pedego Owners manual online or download it for later. Carton Contents Pedego Bike Pedals (2) Ownerâ&x20AC;&x2122;s Manual/Assembly Instructions Lithium Ion Battery Keys for Battery Tool Kit Battery Charger Pg. 8 Nm Pedego Conveyor Torque Specifications Continued on next page. We have 1 Pedego Interceptor manual available for free PDF download: Assembly Instructions And Owner&39;s Manual Pedego Interceptor Assembly Instructions And Owner&39;s Manual (28 pages).

You don’t get a fancy display panel or pedal assist options, this thing is twist and go only. Electric operation is by a tubular motor controlled by a key switch as standard with other control options on offer. Note: We have no factory datasheet on this custom-made high quality key switch. Additional remote controls may be ordered separately (SR0015) 6. When closing the curtain, gently pull down. Check that the starter motor runs but that the engine does not start. is spring loaded so the cylinder automatically returns to RUN once the key is released. If the limit switch cam cannot be rotated to its desired position, release the lever and move the door.

TROUBLESHOOTING IF THE TRUCK FAILS ANY OF THESE TESTS, DO NOT. Operating the Pedego 20” Trail Tracker is simpler than most other Pedego ebikes. View and Download Vicon RF121 R operation manual online. HORN: A horn is located on the front side of the handle. manual, please contact Pedego ator. None Click Lock Individual Body Doors Make sure no tools, foreign objects or wiring harnesses impede door closure.

Following are brief descriptions of the systems that the WIN controls. Ganged switches require switch boxes that measure 3" (76 mm) h x 1-7/8" (48 mm) w, times the number of switches and 2-½" (64 mm) d. The compactor will cycle one time (complete extension and retraction of the ram) and stop.

5 Nm Speed Sensor Fixing Bolt T20 Torx Key 0. Browse our favorite extras and upgrades to help get the most out of your Pedego. Turn the key switch to the Start position (II).

Pedego CITY COMMUTER & INTERCEPTOR Pdf User Manuals. View and Download Skyjack SJ3215 operation manual online. 4 keys included, 8mm heat treated steel chain links, Zinc coating to prevent rust, Fully enclosed cloth cover, Weatherproof sliding cap, etc.

Rotate the key counter-clockwise approximately 45º. UL recognized switches rated at 25 amps, up to 277 volts, and 1 hp at 125 volts. Disconnect power before adjusting limit switch pedego spring loaded key switch operations manual cams. Two have five terminals and the other has six. Rotary switches have a rotating spindle.

Locate the spring-loaded lock bolt at the bottom left of the right-hand door frame. Switch, key, SPDT, 3 access levels. Manuals and User Guides for pedego electric bike. (double spring back) medeco key switch lock with blue cam switch. While pressing the spring-loaded lever (G), which holds the limit switch cams in place, adjust the limit switch cam (E or F) until the micro switch (C or D) clicking sound is heard. To Close the Door. If a key switch is supplied in lieu of push buttons, enter key into cylinder and turn towards “UP” to activate the door. Spring loaded flap door in the receptacle compartment allows the cables to pedego spring loaded key switch operations manual exit the compartment, but seals the compartment then the switch is not in use.

Insert the key and turn clockwise to the start position and release. The key does not have to be in to operate the bike. FigureOFF G. If trouble should occur at any location while levers and switches. is spring-loaded, so it automatically resumes its original position after being activated.

Convenient and safe method to quickly connect and disconnect portable equipment. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to confirm that the engine will not start. The foot actuated floor lock is used to hold the truck stationary.

View online or download Pedego CITY COMMUTER & INTERCEPTOR Assembly Instructions And Owner&39;s Manual. T20 Key OFF Power Distribution Conditions: Key off /BLK 1/RED ALTERNATOR 1/RED GREEN pedego spring loaded key switch operations manual JUMPER WIRE 1/RED Touch Panel / Control Board 13/BLK PIN P2-33 13/BLK PIN P2-34 13/BLK PIN P2-35 KEY SWITCH STATIC GROUND PIN P1-23 FUSE 10. Terminals of the ignition switch are viewed from the back side (terminal end) of switch (Figure 221, Figure 222, Figure 223). You can read your Pedego Owners manual online or download it for later. DC Electric Scissors. The battery can be charged on or off the bike, has a spring loaded locking cylinder and you DO NOT have to leave the key in for the bike to be turned on (which reduces jingling noises and potential snags), the pack has a fuse built in for safety and a water-sealed on/off switch so you can keep people from tampering with the display when you. Mounting screws are included with switches and switch plate.

See details below: Lock entrance requires a 15mm hole, mounts on two threaded holes 22 mm on center. The key lock is located on the battery pack cover. SJ3215 lifting systems pdf manual download.

Phone:Toll-Free:Fax:. and the brake on. Rotary switches are becoming less common since complex switching operations are being done with digital equipment such as touchscreens. After use, remove the key.

⑧ Counter Shows the number of sheets, the position of the. Insert the key over the bolt, lining up the dot with the ridge on the key. ⑤ Store key Fold position after adjustment is stored. The switch cannot be turned to the ON position without first closing the receptacle compartment door. 3 2 Pedego Electric Bikes Welcome to.

Turn the key switch to Off (O). We have 1 pedego electric bike manual available for free PDF download: Assembly Instructions And Owner&39;s Manual pedego electric bike Assembly Instructions And Owner&39;s Manual (26 pages). Close all doors to second stage of rotary latch cam. emergency “STOP” button. 3 Position Key Selector Switch, 9-12-3 O&39;clock operation and key-pull, with wires and 2 keys.

If your rolling shutter is spring loaded it is equipped with a key lock or slide locks. RF121 R farm equipment pdf manual download. Switch assembly includes patio switch, wind speed switch and ribbon cable. The Wireless Ignition Node (WIN) incorporates an integral ignition switch that consists of four rotary positions with three detent positions and one spring-loaded position. Cockpit Assist Switch Unit Fixing Bolt 3mm Allen Key 2-2. The instrument panel contains the key switch, lift/lower control lever,volt meter and charging indicators. Guide curtain carefully to its final top position. KEY LOCK: Before operating the truck, turn on the electric power first.

Bracket may be shipped. Momentary contact, 3 position (on-off-on) flush mount key switches available up to 7 ganged switches. EMERGENCY STOP MUSHROOM HEAD PUSHBUTTON - When depressed, this. Avoid slamming of curtain against housing. KEY LOCK: Before operating the truck, turn on the electric power. Also for: Sj4732, Sj4740, Sj3220, Sj3219, Sj3226, Sj4726. Lock it in its final down position using the key or slide locks. The locking mechanism is spring loaded and unlocks when the key is turned to the open position, allowing the battery to slide out.

3 Nm Drive Ring Spider Lockring Park Tool BBTNm Crank Arms Fixing Bolts 8mm Allen Key 42-45 Nm Pedals Pedal Axle 6mm Allen Key 20-25 Nm Shifter Cable Cable Fixing Bolt 10mm Spanner 3. The spring loaded steering handle is used to propel and steer the lift truck. 820 Spyderco Way Golden, CO. ⑦ Fold type key Six fold types can be input and stored.

Operating the Cycle Computer. The on/off switch is located on the bottom of battery. Manuals and User Guides for Pedego Interceptor. Rotate the key clockwise 45º to remove the key. The safety reversing button is spring-loaded, so it automatically resumes its original position after being activated. > Manual operating handle > Mechanical lugs or optional compression lugs Offers flexible terminal connections > Easy access terminal block > Barriers over all live parts Provides safety shield for operations > Spring-loaded overcenter Provides automatic, fast and consistent manual operation and reliable speed of transferamps). Mechanical rotary switches are still used however, especially in equipment where a computer failure could be a safety issue.

Roof Top Bracket Assy (item 7) includes vertical plate, horizontal plate, 2 straps and assembly hardware. ④ Paper feed table up/down key Moves up and down the paper feed shelf. The lock bolt has a small red dot. Page 32: Cold Weather Starting. Insert the key into the lock cylinder. Turn the key switch on the GEN-KEY to the Run position (I).

⑥ Memory 1/2/3 key Three special fold types are stored. Page 31: Key Switch OPERATING THE ENGINE C Check Easy Checker(TM) Lamps: A Some of the Easy Checker(TM) lamps may illuminate 1. When the key is turned "ON", lampsshould or start flashing depending on the positions of the come on. We use three different switches on electric start models. KEYED START SWITCH - This spring-loaded switch requires a key for operation.

Careers / Employment Opportunities. Contact us if you&39;d like us to mail you a physical copy of it. Manual operation is by crank rod winding handle, manual spring loaded operation with a key lock pedego spring loaded key switch operations manual located to the bottom rail or hand chain operated.

Pedego spring loaded key switch operations manual

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